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Friday, October 21st, 2022 4:30 PM

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When more PINs are available, manage them with Excel

This presumes that the multiple requests for more PINs are honoured.

1. Set up the wifi interface to the Base Station so that there is a way to connect using a VPN.

2. Set up the wifi interface to communicate using Excel, say CSV (Comma Separated values)

3. Provide an Excel template so the manager could use the Excel interface to handle multiple PINs either individually as is being asked for or make it possible to create groups and subgroups of PINs. In the church I manage, it would be helpful to have a parishioner group, another possibly overlapping AA group, and other groups. For reasons I won't get into here it should be possible for certain PIN-holders to enter a group he/she is not a member of and also PIN-holders for certain groups that would be blocked entry using an individual PIN but allowed entry using a group PIN. 

The reason for the two main entry classes of PINs, Individual and Group, are to maintain Privacy. Think AA. An AA member can also be a church member who will have an AA group PIN and also an Individual PIN that is active when the AA group is not in session and active as well.

It would also be useful to have it possible to allow entry by a certain group to be time-based. Entry would be allowed during certain times, otherwise blocked. In other words, it would operate similar to a programmable thermostat.

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