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Monday, October 12th, 2020 6:25 PM



User-driven issues/resolution Wiki style database

One where known issues and resolutions are posted by SS personnel, where software updates are described, and what issues they resolve?  One where consumers could search for answers.

For instance, WHY do the SS Doorbells purchased through Amazon seem to be more reliable than the ones purchased on the SS website?  Is SS working on a resolution?  If everyone starts buying through Amazon, will the problem eventually migrate to there?

Surely, you already have something similar for your tech support people, and certainly not everything in there would be applicable to the consumer version.  But certainly, the support manager could determine what information that the public could have that would make his/her job and the jobs of those who work in tech support easier.  I get the impression that you guys are SWAMPED with answering the same tech issues over and over.

You guys are not alone, none of the consumer-grade security companies get high marks for tech support.  Tech support is VERY expensive, and it seems no one in your industry is looking for effective and cost-efficient solutions.

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1 year ago

An update regarding this request: more responsive issue reporting and tracking is a big part of our vision for the Community. For more info on how we handle reported issues, check out this post here.

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4 years ago

Hi @glenbarrington,

While we do currently have these forums as well as our Help Center, we will definitely take your specifc suggestions under advisement and send them over to our strategy team.

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