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Monday, July 25th, 2022 7:53 PM

temperature sensor - notification setting (no siren alarm)

​I have a temperature sensor for my SimpliSafe system, I understand that this sensor allows me to adjust the high/low temperature thresholds (which is fantastic).  However, from what I understand, when a temperature threshold is crossed it sets off the siren alarm.  Is this correct?​

​Assuming this is correct, I feel that it is a bit overkill to set off the siren alarm if the temperature in the house is too high or low.  For me, a simple notification (text/e-mail/push) will be more than enough to let me know something is potentially wrong at the house.  Depending on what temperature I set the threshold to be, I can simply monitor the temperature or know that things will be fine until I get home (or a friend stops by).​

​If it does not exist already, I really think that SimpliSafe should add something like a 'warning threshold' that is user configureable and will send a text/e-mail/push notification before the the siren goes off.  Or perhaps keep the single threshold but allow the user to choose if the siren is set off or not (in addition to call or text/e-mail/push).​



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8 months ago

Hi @saab90089 ,

It's not really a full "siren" - certainly not the same 90dB alarm sound as for burglar alarms. It's more of a quiet pinging sound, followed by a voice prompt that the sensor was triggered.

But yes, currently there's no way to turn that off. You do still get the notifications on your phone!

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@davey_d​ I'm a new customer and agree with this recommendation. Our temperature sensor was trigged at 3am and we were frantic to shut it off for fear the the siren would wake our sleeping daughter. Is there a plan to have a push notification/silent alert option rather than required alarm trigger since this is not typically as time sensitive? 

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8 months ago

davey_d - thank you for the clarification.  That is good to know that it is not the siren alarm.  

Based on what I had read ('sensor will trigger an alarm') I assumed 'alarm' meant the siren.  SimpliSafe uses the term for 'alarm' in other sensors that I would expect the siren to be used.

I still think it would be a great feature to have a 'warning' or 'silent notification' before the audible alarm.


Ian Cooper

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4 months ago

Recommend e-mail notification if temperature varies past setpoints. Siren isn't helpful if you are not home. This notification would improve system coverage. 

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@spikedam52​ you're suggesting that others should use the Email option for Smart Alerts? Because yes, just like the other alarm types, you'll get a Push Notification through the SimpliSafe app on your smartphone.

For those with qualifying plans, you'll also be able to set up alerts via SMS text, as well as email.

And if you have Monitoring Service, you'll also get a call from the Monitoring Service. The one main difference is that the operator will not call your local authorities if you're not able to answer - they'll leave a voicemail, and the sequence ends there.

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3 months ago

Can you please clarify what happens when the temperature sensor 'alarms.'  I was called by SimpliSafe and assumed the audible alarm was going off too.  I use my temperature sensor to monitor the temperature on my phone and as a freeze alarm in a shop building.  All i need is a text notification. I just disabled the temperature sensor today so it wont wake the neighbors when it gets below zero tonight.   

Also, a fridge / freezer sensor would be fantastic.


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Sure thing. When a Temperature alarm is triggered, the Base Station will indeed also sound. It won't be the super-loud siren - just three beeps, followed by "Freeze Sensor triggered".

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