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Thursday, January 27th, 2022 4:03 PM

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Simplisafe Community Online Webinars

The new community platform is continuing to "gain steam" with more topics and greater participation by customers and SS alike.  Time to step it up a notch and offer scheduled online webinars. The topics are almost endless, and some have already been brought up here in the community. Here are a few to get the ball rolling:

1. Simplisafe integration with 3rd party systems:  Objectives, Benefits,  Obstacles (how to overcome them) and Risks (How to mitigate them).

2. Signage for your property: Simplisafe specific, pros and cons and benefits of generic messaging

3. Road Map product development: What is it, what to add and prioritize

4. Meet the brains and inspiration of the Simplisafe Teams: Separate sessions of Prod Dev, marketing, support etc  Allow customers to ask questions

5. Leveraging technology, human and financial resources to improve the customer and SS associate experience

Again, there are many others but what do you think? Please add your suggestions and thoughts here in this thread, customers and SS associates alike!

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2 years ago

Webinars would be great, but SS needs to do something about people finding the forums.  I think 95% of their customer base is unaware of their existence.  To get here you have to click Support on the main web site home page, then Contact US, then there is a link there to get to the forums.  Its pretty well obfuscated, and thus hard to get here.  The forums should have a clearly labeled link right on the main Support page, like most companies would have.  Without making this change and getting more people on board with the forums, I think any webinar will likely have an audience of 2 or 3 people.




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@Jim​ LOL. You may be right, as it is a bit of a treasure hunt to get here if you aren't use to the way. A link on the home page as you suggested would address it.



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2 years ago

To be blunt, I think 90% of what's listed above is fluff that I don't care about at all. There are far far FAR too many legitimate requests that have been around for years that need to be worked on before anyone at SimpliSafe spends so much as a minute on anything in that list. As Davey mentioned elsewhere, they don't have time to literally give us a paragraph or two once a quarter to tell us what's being worked on so I don't want to see any effort on this stuff.



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@worthing​ In terms of urgency, I agree with you, however, SS has grown tremendously over the past few years and I extremely doubt the associates who would work on your priority list are not the same who would update the website by putting a link on the home page to this community area.  Realistically, that could be done by a summer intern over one lunch break.

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@captain11​ Hi, I agree with worthing, it would be nice for SimpliSafe to post something that tells the user base what's coming soon insofar as software development is concerned.

Working for a software developer I'm used to our customers being told what we're working on and what's scheduled to be in the next release of the application.





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6 months ago

Yes, requested many times but thought it was time to drag it out again:

Video webinars, hosted by SS Sr management and Product Managers. Interact up close between SS associates who steer the ship and their customers..Gasp! Get closer to our customers and improvie communication, increase customer goodwill....horrors! Well, halloween is fast approaching! SS, raise our spirits and do a boo-tiful webinar! Puns intended.

A safe and enjoyable Halloween to all and their families.

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Community Feature I would like to see.....scare up some resources and do it!

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It's a good suggestion and I would suggest similar, but figured it was useless to do so.

Competitors with less than a 3rd of SS annual revenue manage to have monitored official Discord servers and official Reddit subs for webinars monthly, fix it Friday events, prizes etc..massive communication efforts.

User post and community solutions for actual almost live help with admins and managers and other users. Better user forums, Discourse for example.

Actual Facebook official forums monitored and help given for user issues or pushed back to devs and support for answers. Not just used as a sales Facebook page like Simplisafes.

Customer support actually issues tickets when contacted so that any issue can be followed up on with support and tracked, instead of falling into oblivion.

Multiple modern venues, unlike this forum, which is honestly more similar to bullitin boards of old. I built a few.

Etc. Etc.🤷

I've just given up, as it seems SS hardware is not the only thing that's closed.

Other supplier's features and efforts make me feel they care to hear from me and care about any issues or questions I may have with their products.

Even though they hear the same complaints, have customers with weak wifi issues, not techy customers, hardware and firmware issues etc. But they are a bit more transparent. Well, a lot.

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