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Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 5:45 PM



Require PIN to disarm from App

​I would like for the mobile app to behave just like the keypad, and require the PIN to be input anytime the system is disarmed, regardless of being "logged in" on the app.  This feels like a potential bug that could be exploited by a hacker.  I want the app to require my PIN anytime I'm disarming via my mobile device. ​

​Furthermore, someone could be holding me at gunpoint making me disarm it on my phone, and I might need to put in the DURESS PIN, but currently I have no way to do that.​

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2 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. For the first part, we've decided not to require a PIN to disarm via the app because you're already logging into your phone - which would mean getting past your phone's lock screen.


Further, we also have the App Lock feature, which locks the whole SimpliSafe app behind a PIN. You can find that option in the Manage Account section of the menu.


As for the duress situation: We currently do not have a function like that in the app. We'll pass on your concerns to our dev team.

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Good Security is done in layers for a reason.  If a hacker manages to imitate my phone, or hack into my phone app, there is nothing preventing them from disarming my system.  Requiring the PIN to disarm would be the last layer of protection and would prevent this.

Furthermore, the way you do second layer authentication is to send a text message to the same phone that the app is installed on. So if someone gets into my phone, they have total control of my system.

I believe you are remiss to ignore this potential threat.  The App should work just like the keypad does.


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2 years ago

Enable the app lock for the app as I did that way when you log into app you can't do nothing without putting in the code, I did it so ifi lose my phone somebody can't just get in app and start messing around so without my code for the app lock its useless to them. I have no problems this way and I have hooked up 12 systems for people and I tell them and show them this feature and they love it

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2 years ago

I do have the app lock enabled, and I appreciate that feature, but I would still like for the system to ask for the PIN when disarming, this would allow me to use the duress PIN and would be an additional layer of security in the app.

I agree with this! 

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