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Sunday, November 5th, 2023 5:43 PM


Outdoor Entry Sensor

On our home, we have 3 cedar fence gates and an entry foyer with a door that is open to the elements. I was going to place a regular simplisafe entry sensor on them but I quickly decided against it. You see, we live right on the sand and that salty air would quickly destroy the sensor. Honestly, it would be so cool to have an entry sensor designed and rated for outdoor use. Even if it was slightly more beefy than the regular sensor, i wouldn’t care. Maybe even offer it in white or black. 

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7 months ago

Agreed. Something with:

- A beefier battery


- A decent IP rating to provide a reasonable measure of protection against the ingress of water and debris 

Would be awesome. They could also do what Wyze did with the original outdoor cameras and sell a separate device that acts as repeated / separate base station for devices outside. That alone could significantly increase the distance you could place sensors from the house.

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7 months ago

Hi @BeachAndBoats1941, 

Thank you for this suggestion! I have forwarded this to our dev team for their consideration. If/when we hear back from them, an update will be provided in this thread.

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7 months ago

I saw something on YouTube a long time ago that someone had or made that the sensor went in and it was protected by the sun and rain but not sure about salt air or near ocean. Plus not sure how it will do if out in let's say 10 below or even hot summer days.

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The entry sensors have an operating range of 32F to 120F.  Depending on the material of the surface they're mounted to I could see an entry sensor overheating in the summer in many places in the US at least once. 

There's also the question of how high levels of humidity (aka, "the south") would effect them.

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@worthing​ I agree as I'm in South Carolina and I do not see a sensor surviving the heat in the summer, plus I'm near the coast and that salt air will eventually eat it up just like people who live right on the ocean you see there AC units rotting away and door locks on homethat are rusting. 

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