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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 9:03 AM


More PINs

Hey-love the system. Unbelievably great.
Just need more pins. Have bought fobs to supliment- but really- just get more pins available.
Thanks- great product!

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8 months ago

Why is there a limit to custom pins?  I don’t care for speculation or conjecture. I would like SS to answer the question for its members. 

I use SS at 4 of my small businesses. This is a “business-unfriendly” practice. 

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Hi @gladestreetllc, 

The system was designed to only support four Custom PINs. We know that some users would like to have more, and that request has been submitted to our dev team. Once we hear back from them, an update will be provided in this thread.

In the meantime, the main workaround here would be to give your employees a Key Fob so they can arm and disarm the system without their own Custom PIN.

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Agreed, as a Senior, I have a large immediate family that needs to quickly access my residence. Hopefully this gets addressed quickly. I have need of closer to 12 PINs. This was a primary reason for purchasing SS equipment.

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I have a small business and limiting pins to 4 really restricts the number of employees that I want to track regarding access to my place of business. I need at least 8  custom pins. Simplisafe is  not business-friendly and seems to be focused only on the home market despite their advertising.

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Same here...
I have 2 warehouses and can not track employee access by individual, which is very important. 
Come on @Simplisafe ........    Lets get this update!!!! 😉
We love the system, just need more pins

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7 months ago

The SimpliSafe marketing has long touted being able to have PINs for family members, dog walkers, care givers, service people, etc.

The ability to have permanent PINs for each family member is important - parents can confirm when a child or spouse disarms the system with their own PIN - thus, that they have arrived home safely. The ability to add PINs for additional guests or workers without compromising the permanent family PIN numbers is very important.

Please consider updating the array of PINs that can be utilized. (Our prior service, Guardian Alarm, allowed 20 PINs.)

Other than this one issue, SimpliSafe is fantastic!


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