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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 3:08 PM

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longer record time for outdoor camera

I would like to see a longer record time on the outdoor camera. If someone triggers the camera then stays still, the video stops. Then starts up if they move again, sometimes not recording till out of sight.

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2 days ago

Hi @RHB ,

This is sort of how the Outdoor Camera is intentionally designed to work. It's set up to keep recording until it no longer senses motion. That way, it saves battery life and bandwidth for when there's actual action in the scene. But it shouldn't be going back into deep sleep immediately, so it can stay ready for more motion events.

If you're seeing lag between recordings, it might help to troubleshoot the wireless connection between your Outdoor Camera and the Base Station, since it's the Base Station that tells the camera when to start recording.

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