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Monday, May 29th, 2023 7:28 PM


Disable Keypad Entry Delay Beeps

I'd like an option to disable Entry Delay beeps on specific keypads.  

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7 months ago

Agreed. Beeps on the keypad by the front door is essential, but not those in bedrooms! 

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7 months ago

Hello @GrantMiles, 

There is currently no option to disable the Keypad's countdown beeps for either the Entry or Exit Delay, but I will send this request to our devs for their consideration.

As Dlpsr mentioned, the Entry Delay for Home Mode can be set to 0 seconds so the Keypad won't beep at all, and our Support team has been able to shorten users' Exit Delays in the past before. You can also enable Instant Triggers for your Entry Sensors. With Instant Trigger turned on, an alarm will immediately sound when an Entry Sensor is opened, by passing the Entry Delay. You can learn more about Instant Trigger over in this Help Center article.

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Hi Emily, 

Thanks so much for your reply, and for passing my suggestion to the dev team.

In my specific use case, my wife and I work odd hours and one is often sleeping when the other comes home from work.  I am sometimes woken up by the sound of the entry delay beeps when my wife comes home, and she's told me the same.  

I think we can both agree that setting the entry delay to zero or configuring a sensor for instant trigger for the sake of eliminating the entry beeps creates a whole new inconvenience of its own, and I think I'd rather suffer the entry beeps rather than an alarm when my wife or I come home and the system is armed in home mode.  

Ultimately, I feel that a configuration setting on the keypad to disable entry beeps would solve this issue in an elegant fashion and create added value for users who either have a keypad in a bedroom, or simply want to avoid tipping a potential intruder about the presence of an alarm system they could then try to seek out and destroy.

Thanks again for considering my suggestion.



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I would also like this option as well. We have a very anxious dog who does not like this noise (I have seen many others with this reason too) and arming to away and leaving them with almost a full minute of mandatory beeping on 2 keypads while they are alone is pretty terrible. 

can we please remember our furry friends when making decisions to not allow customers to disable things like this? At least allow me to make this 10 seconds. Geez. 

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@imuggle​ the exit delay for Away Mode currently has a minimum of 45 seconds.

But for Home Mode, you can set it as low as zero. So I think that would be a good workaround for you in the meantime - to use Home Mode instead.

But you can also post in our Product Requests section,  to bring your request to our Dev Team's attention.

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