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Sunday, December 12th, 2021 10:52 PM


Feature request: Keypad or base beeps

It would be very helpful if when someone opened a door in home or away mode that the keypad or base would beep. They keypad has a ridiculously low beep(s) when it's triggered. So beeps that can be adjusted. This would be helpful to remind someone to enter the pin if they forgot the system was in home mode or when they enter and it was in away mode.  

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Louder Keypad Countdown

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2 years ago

Hi eamail2001,

I'm a little unclear about what you're asking. The Keypad already does chirp for the countdown, before the main alarm sirens start. It's just not very loud (since the speaker in the Keypad isn't very powerful - and there is no way to change volume right now), and is rather high pitched. I've heard that some users might have trouble hearing it at all.

The Base Station, conversely, does not make any sound at all during the countdown, and also shows no indicator light. This is on purpose, so it can stall for time. If the intruder ever finds it, it should be too late for them!

But as Shiherlis mentions, there is also a Wireless Siren, which does both the main siren, and the countdown chirps. It's significantly louder, and even echoes the Door Chime for when Entry Sensors are opened. Check it out on our online catalog.

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Yep that is what I am asking for. for a "reminder" during countdown to enter the pin. The beeps on the keypad are too soft.  I might get that siren. But at $60 it's seems a lot for a feature that other system just have.



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2 years ago

If an entry sensor is on the door, the Base Station (which you referred to along with the Keypad) should chime upon opening. Now, your Base may be in a location that makes it difficult to hear, but the option is available along with volume preferences.

The Keypad does not have the above feature, but posts for workarounds are on the old forums (and I assume the new upon data migration) that amplify it and the Base Station sounds. Others can assist in reiterating those options as I have never used them. 


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@shiherlis You don't here the base station when you walk in to the house. But the main thing I'm asking is that when keypad is triggered that there be beeping that can be heard before the alarm goes off. Like most other alarm systems the keypad beeps loud to remind people they tripped it. It is also a good warning to someone if they broke in.

Yes if someone can post a work-a-round I'd be interested but still think it should be a feature.



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I sometimes catch the Base Station chime when I walk through my front door, but it is not easy to hear as it is on the second floor of three stories. My Keypad beeps if I open the front door (the Keypad’s location) without disarming the system, but the setting is no Exit Delay in Home Mode, so the beeping begins immediately. Is yours not beeping at all? Also, it is loud enough for me, but it being louder has been a feature wish for others.


Many customers have requested the same over the years, but I do not see how SimpliSafe can implement it presently. Therefore, such an update/upgrade would have to wait until the next generation of the system.


Here are two links for the time being that may provide a solution to your situation:


Link 1

Link 1A


And another which might help if your Keypad is not beeping at all (it should):


Link 2


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Thanks I seen these. I guess it's a feature that will cost me $60

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1 year ago

2nd this!

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