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Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 4:00 PM

SimpliTracker live on the Community

Today we launch a brand new section to our forum that will help the Community keep track of ongoing and confirmed system, product, and service issues.


You can find the SimpliTracker on our homepage under the Popular Topics section:

Or by following this link.


The SimpliTracker section will have special rules for how posts are created and maintained, but you’ll be able to comment on any thread to report that you’ve been experiencing the issue. Commenting, or hitting the Follow button, will enable notifications, so you’ll be in the know when there’s an update to each issue! You can learn more about how all of that works in the Guidelines for the new section here.



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6 months ago

Credit where credit is due, it's great to see this effort.

Can I also suggest/request you all  implement the dead simple sort of status pages on a friendly URL like so many other companies do? I'm talking about a page that looks something like any of the examples found at https://cronitor.io/guides/status-page-examples and that's available at a simple easy to remember URL like status.simplisafe.com. Categories might include "mobile app", "monitoring center", "main website", etc. Then put a cherry on top and allow us to subscribe to said page to receive emails when a status changes. 

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