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Thursday, August 11th, 2022 4:52 PM


Disable Outdoor Camera Deep Sleep

​If my outdoor camera is hardwired with a power source, there should be an option to disable "deep sleep" for a faster camera wake. ​

​I literally just had an wanted visitor in my yard and couldn't see their face because the camera woke when they walked away... I get that your product is new and iterative but this is just a straight up product design flaw and lack of ownership to ship this product in its state when your users need fast and responsive alerting. ​

​When can we expect this to be shipped out as a firmware update? ​

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Disable Outdoor Camera Deep Sleep when connected to Power Adapter



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7 months ago

@eazyeazy You are definitely not alone with your request.  When I got my first outdoor cam (now have two) I quickly found that the battery just wouldn't cut it in the greater Chicagoland area, and the idea of climbing a ladder to swap out batteries in the winter when the windchill would be a balmy -24 or so didn't appeal to me for some reason. :-)

Purchased and installed AC adapters for both so the battery issue is no longer a concern. What did disappoint me was the outdoor cam still needed to be "awoken" from its sleep and go through the mutliple stages (and 7-10 seconds) to start a live stream).  Yes, the outdoor camera and simplicams spoiled me, and are almost instaneous after many firmware updates.  I sent an email and asked why can't the outdoor cam work the same and was advised they are "working on it".

Okay, Simplisafe: hint, hint. This is where you respond  with specifics other than "we have passed this on to our dev team" . For the record, and in fairness, the response time for the outdoor camera has improved since released, but still not to the performance level of the simplicams and doorbell pro.


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7 months ago

I have two outdoor cameras setup at different angles on the carport.

I am able to make it from the house into a vehicle before either camera wakes from the deep sleep.  Because I am in the vehicle the camera no longer registers/recognizes person motion and goes back to sleep.  If I wait until the camera goes back to sleep, then I can pull out of the carport without even registering a recorded event.

The cameras are at best just a deterrent.

The cameras do not work well with mesh wifi.  The cameras come no where close to the 3-6 month advertised battery life.  The cameras are not capable of scheduling detection/notification periods.  The cameras take extremely too long to wake up and record anything of meaningful value.

I originally had posted the protected by simplisafe sign and stickers around the house.  I am considering taking them down because of the well known and documented issues with these cameras.

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4 months ago

This is a big "ME TOO".  It is annoying to get a motion detection and see the last few seconds as someone walks away.  As long as the camera is hard wired, this is a no brainer.

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