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Monday, September 6th, 2021 6:40 PM

Bluetooth Proximity Arm/Disarm

When trying to choose an alarm system. it was a close call between Simplisafe and a DIY upgrade of an old ADT alarm system with a QolSys IQ2+ panel.

One or the 'killer features' of the QolSys system, for me, was the fact that it can be setup to automatically disarm when registered Bluetooth phones come into range of the panel, and to ask you whether to arm the system when you leave the house.

I *really* wish that SimpliSafe had this feature.  The Simplisafe remotes are too big and clunky to carry, and I'm not convinced by the reliability of the Apple watch setup.  

Basically, for me, if an alarm system is not super-convenient then it's not going to get used.  Even  fumbling for your phone to enable/disable the alarm each time you enter/leave is a PITA.

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2 years ago

Hi pbarham,

So you're looking for a proximity/geofence option. We'll add your feedback to the list with our devs!




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2 years ago


I genuinely appreciate you replying with 'proximity/geofence' as there are a lot more ways to handle this than via bluetooth alone. As a frequent and long time user of IFTTT I've come to appreciate the "when phone connects to home wifi do " functionality specifically but I also like flexibility. (Or, since we're talking about access to the home, use both for a form of multifactor.)
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