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Sunday, November 15th, 2020 8:53 PM

3 panic buttons - All failed over the coarse of 2 years



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2 years ago

If "malfunctioned" is the exact error, rather than "sensor not responding", chances are, they are defective.  If the error had been "sensor not responding", this is sometimes a relatively easy fix, merely be re-seating (or changing) the battery, or, getting the base station slightly closer to the problem sensor.  

If you're still under the 3-year warranty, call SS for replacements, better to have peace of mind knowing you have working sensors, than not having working sensors.

9 months ago

I know this is very old, but I'll just add a "me too".  All four of my panic buttons now indicate "malfunctioned", and replacing the battery made no difference.   As with yours, their buttons have never been pressed, apart from their initial testing at installation 3-ish years ago.  Very disappointed that they've all failed like this.  Electronics should "last forever".

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@allthegooduseridsaregone​ where are these Panic Buttons located? I suspect that it's a communication issue, and we should troubleshoot potential causes of interference.

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5 months ago

I keep getting a sensor not responding message for my panic button. i have just replaced the sensor with a new one and after 2 days i am getting the same message. i have had this system for several years and have not moved anything???

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