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Monday, February 1st, 2021 9:04 PM

xSS2 Replacement Verizon CAT-M1 module

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2 years ago

Hi @afpowelson,

The replacement cellular module and the original one that came with your Base Station should at least look similar to each other. The modules should roughly be in an "L" shape and have three small screws that hold it in place inside of your Base Station. We'll want to make sure that you're looking at the correct part of the Base Station before proceeding further. An easy way to make sure that all the proper steps are taking place is to visit this page in our Help Center. That page includes pictures to go along with each step as well as a video walking through the entire process.

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2 years ago

The new module does look a little different, but it should screw down to the same mounting holes and connect to the same plug.

There are small notches and ribs (keying) on the plug and socket so you can connect it only one way. Sounds like you might just need to rotate/flip the plug to get the correct keying alignment to the socket, then it should go together.

Here is a link to YouTube video that shows changing to the 4G/LTE cell module: https://youtu.be/SD5J9okx-sg

Both mine were just like shown in the video. Is there something different about yours?
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