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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 12:53 PM

Using Simplisafe in another country

Already a happy user in the UK. If I purchase a new set of products for installing in an apartment in Spain, is there any reason this will not work?! I think I can have two locations on my app and toggle between the two and operate them remotely. I appreciate I cannot have emergency assistance, it's App only, but any reason this would not work successfully?

Many thanks

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3 months ago

Hello @stevecloutman, 

You should be able to set up a system in your home in Spain without a problem. As you already mentioned,

you will not be able to subscribe that system to a monitoring plan/have emergency assistance, but you can access it remotely using the mobile app. We also are not able to ship products outside of the US or UK, so you would need to ship this system to your home in the UK and take it with you to Spain.

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