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Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 12:00 AM

base station flashing blue light

The blue light on my base station is flashing.  I called and cancelled monitoring today and then it started flashing.  I did see something on the keypad about out of contact with something so maybe it is because I cancelled the monitoring.  How do I turn off the flashing blue light?  Thanks in advance.

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4 years ago

If you have SS2, you need to call SS and have them code a fix to turn off trying to communicate with monitoring.

If SS3, I don't know; I have one which is not connected and I don't get the flashing blue light.

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4 years ago

If there's a blue light flashing, it usually means there's a message on the keypad display, pressing on the message icon ("exit" message, or an "x") on the keypad will usually clear it.  Then try arming, then disarming your system.  If the blue light continues to flash, call SS for assistance (SS2 will require that simplisafe sends you a download file to disable the light and turn monitoring off - SS3 may require a base station reboot or something else, but call SS to be sure).

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2 months ago

how to turn off blue blinking light...already reset base station

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@njgardin​ coltmaster1's answer from a few years ago is correct, assuming that you have a SimpliSafe Original, which looks like this:


The message on the Keypad will tell you what the issue is, and you'll want to resolve that issue to stop the flashing.

Alternately, you can go into your Keypad's Menu to disable the light entirely.

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23 days ago

Base station is still flashing blue...removed and replaced batteries...still flashing...removed batteries and inserted power cord...still flashing blue light

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@ecovispro​ If you have an original SimpliSafe system, the blinking blue light on the Base Station indicates that there is a message for you on the Keypad regarding an error or recent event.

If you take a look at the Keypad you can see what the error is, and once resolved the Base Station should stop blinking blue.

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