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Sunday, March 20th, 2022 3:43 PM

System Armed in Home Mode on its own

Has anyone experiencing this issue? My system arming itself to home daily at 8:42

this has happened even when my system was already armed to away 

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2 months ago

Same issue. I was using my phone,not on the ss app. Got a push notification and the base station announced it was armed. 

i opened the app and it was on home mode

i did notice that one of the door entry sensors was offline and I wouldn’t reconnect. I deleted the sensor but it would not add back to my devices. 

a few weeks ago I was at work and my wife went into the house and the alarms went crazy. Neither of us armed the app. And it happened when we were both out of the house. I assumed it was a 1 time glitch like the other posts. But reading the other comments it feels systemic 

what is going on w SS? I’d like to know why it’s doing this. 

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@baeddyp​ So this isn't an issue where the system is re-accouncing its current armed state, but rather the system was previously disarmed and then got armed into Home Mode without your input?

This is something we would want to submit for further investigation, but first, do you have any arming schedules on your account that may be doing this?

You can check for arming schedules in the SimpliSafe mobile app by taking these steps:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe Mobile App on your phone or tablet

  2. Choose My System from the bottom navigation bar

    1. On iOS: Choose Automations, and then Scheduled Arming

    2. On Android: Choose Scheduled Arming

If you do not have any arming schedules set up, please let me know.

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@emily_s as far as i know, there was no intentional action. i know this bc we actually havent armed the system for over a year. 

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@baeddyp​ Understood, thank you for this update! I've forwarded your case to our engineering team for further investigation. Someone will reach out soon to take a deeper look into your system.

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1 month ago

Yes. Happened to us yesterday. We were out of the house, system off. Key fob and Base Station inside home. Got notification system armed self in Home Mode. We were able to disarm remote.

Our user history clearly shows this was not a remote arm, but came from system. We only have a dog, with no ability to do this.

Once, about a year ago. System disarmed itself while we were out of state. Will observe and report back. 

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@bhdsjc how do you KNOW the dog doesnt have the ability to arm? dogs are pretty smart and can be sneaky

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@bhdsjc​ Thank you for reporting this. I've forwarded your case details to our engineering team to look into - a member of the team will reach out to you soon to troubleshoot your system.

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