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Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 2:52 AM

Multiple Location Monitoring

Can one person monitor two different SimpliSafe systems at two different homes at the same time via the app? Or do you have to be logged into one system at a time? I love the system but just moved into my own place. Would like to stick with SimpliSafe, but if unable to monitor both locations at the same time, I may have to choose a competitor's, which I'd rather not do. 

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1 year ago

Hi @itn34 ,

Yes, you can have one login with multiple locations. You'll be able to switch between locations on the fly.

The one caveat is that each separate system will have to be subscribed to monitoring separately (though of course you can choose not to subscribe to Monitoring Service for each as well).

When you get your second system, just head over to the Simplisafe app, and navigate to Menu > Set Up a System, and it will take you through step by step.

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10 months ago

We have 100 plus locations that we would potentially put under our one login, will the app scale to that many locations?

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4 months ago

I wish they would have answered this question. I am here looking for this answer! 

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