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Friday, March 17th, 2023 10:38 PM

Difficult cancellation process

​I’m going through most difficult cancellation process. I will  NEVER recommend or do business with this company ​

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13 days ago

Hi @jazrah ,

Canceling service is as easy as calling our Support team at 800-548-9508, and verbally confirming your Safe Word passcode. Is the issue that you were not able to remember that Safe Word?

It's worth noting that the above process is if you have a Monitoring account with 24/7 dispatch. If you have a camera-only service plan, you wouldn't have a Safe Word. So instead we confirm the serial number of the camera (written on the back of the unit) and the name that you gave it in the app.

Either way, after we're able to verify that you are indeed an authorized user, we are able to cancel immediately. But if you're not able to provide the above required info, then we'll have to go through other means of verification.

It sounds like you've already reached out to our escalations team. But if you haven't heard back from them yet, let me know here and I'll create a ticket for you.

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15 days ago


im putting this here and hoping someone can better assist as I did not have any luck with calling to cancel over the phone. I called your customer service line today and was told to  in order to cancel I have to email ceo.escalations@simplisafe.com after speaking and repeating myself with the most rude customer care rep. I heard back via, I did not get satisfactory response and was asked to provide state ID in order to cancel. I’m frustrated and upset that simplisafe is putting people through this. 

if you’re seeing this message, please be careful. I’m not sure why they’re making so difficult to cancel an account. I’ve come across many reviews with similar situation. 



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15 days ago

@jazrah  Over the years I have recommended and placed over 30 systems.  Two were cancelled and returned within the 60 day return period (one due to finances and the other not satisfied with the product) but both parties told me it was easy and hassle free, although SS did ask why and then promptly processed the RMA.

Can you provide a few details on what happened?


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11 days ago

I called 8889101458 and they had my account cancelled within 11 minutes.

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