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Thursday, September 28th, 2023 2:09 PM

Already Canceled, Still Getting Charged

I cancelled my monitoring a month or two ago, only to find they’re STILL charging me! Rather than cancel my monitoring, it appears they upgraded my plan! It went from $27/mo to $29/mo AFTER CANCELING SERVICE! 

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9 months ago

Hi @ccelder ,

I'm really sorry to hear about this error. It sounds like the cancel request just didn't go through properly in our system. As for the second piece - that would be the price increase that has been rolling out to all users. You would have been sent an email a month prior letting you know. Which, according to your timeline, is well after your account should have been canceled.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the error. Looking into your account though, it does look like you were able to get in touch with our Support team to get the issue resolved. If there's anything else we can do to help, please let us know!


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7 months ago


I have the same exact problem! I canceled and still getting charged.

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@gencornhill​ I'm sorry to hear this. I see that you already reached out to our Support team and they were able to remedy this, but if you need any additional assistance please let me know!

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I also cancelled and still got charged. Called them, texted, online support, and emailed them to confirm that I won't get charged again. I have the Basic Control app plan, which is supposed to be free, but says it's $29.99/month in my account which makes no sense. They said it's from my previous plan...then why is it showing up? Refreshed and redownloaded the app and it's still there. Reported them to the BBB, if you look on these threads you'll see they keep trying to charge you after you cancel. And they won't let you remove your card. They said you need one card on file because it's their "default setting." Makes no sense - they don't need my card if I'm not supposed to be charging me.

SimpliSafe is a scam. The system works, but they will charge you when you have a free membership. Stay away and never give them your credit card info - they'll keep it forever and keep charging you.

P.S. to the community admin that may respond. My issue has not been resolved. It will not be resolved until I get a refund, there are no credit cards on file, and my basic control app plan says $0/month on the app/website and not $29.99.

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@jajacl​ I already replied to your other comment about this, but I also wanted to let you know here that I've sent your case to our escalated Support team. A senior specialist will reach out to you soon.

6 months ago

The same thing happened to me. I canceled back on Sept 5, 2023. I found out today they have been charging me the 29.99 as well. We called orgiinally and spent a long time on the phone saying we wanted to cancel and they kepy trying to get us to buy more. Turns out they decided to continue it after we said to cancel and raise the price from 27.99 to 29.99. Very frustrating and will not recommend to anyone.

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3 months ago

We canceled monitoring service back in December & EVERY single month like clockwork they continue to charge our card, and EVERY 🙄 month I call to be assured they will credit us back & stop it from charging. Every month, that's a lie and I open another dispute with our credit card company. Have been told there is no way to delete our cc info from Simplisafe?!?? They told me I need to tell our cc company to block any further charges....like what kind of company does that🤦‍♀️ USAA has a partnership with them so we trusted Simplisafe. Just needed to cancel temporarily (about 6 months) for financial reasons, but here we are stilllll being charged & now you want me to block your company!!! Guess that means we are NEVER re-activating thru Simplisafe 🤷‍♀️ Make it make sense people🤣 Tomorrow's to-do's: 1)Call cc company AGAIN- dispute & block Simplisafe

2)Write USAA-tell them they have a crappy "partner" who should be banned from doing business with anyone, especially service members 3)Open a BBB complaint 4)Express my concerns & constant frustrations with all my friends & family on my social media outlets 5)Leave a few public forum online reviews 6)Donate our system to anyone dumb enough to accept it😜 

Now if only I could get paid for ALLLLL MY time wasted fighting to get MY money back🤬 But I will gladly accept a Home Depot, Starbucks, or Target gift card in lieu of cash....you have my address on file😉

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Hi @JanellMS​, 

I apologize for this error, and please know that we're going to make this right. I've forwarded your case to our internal teams and a specialist will reach out soon to help.

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Well thank you, I hope, but won't hold my breath😉 I do appreciate your response though. 

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