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Friday, August 18th, 2023 5:08 PM

Changes To Self Monitoring Functionality?

Previously this page:


Listed the following as benefits of the self-monitoring plan:

  • Live video feed of your cameras from the SimpliSafe app
  • System timeline showing up to 7 days of history in the app
  • Control your system from your phone with the SimpliSafe App
  • View and change system and device settings
  • Lock and unlock Smart Lock via app

At some point in the past (not sure when) the page above now only lists the following benefits:

  • Live video feed of your cameras from the SimpliSafe App

  • Remotely arm/disarm your system with the SimpliSafe App

Does this mean people who self monitor can no longer change settings from the mobile app? Or control their smart lock? If self monitoring allows people to continue to do the full list above please update the page to reflect this. Thanks!

Accepted Solution

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9 months ago

@worthing Those features are still part of the Self Monitoring plan, nothing has been removed. All of our monitoring plans allow you to lock and unlock your Smart Lock via the app, livestream your camera footage, view/change system settings, and control your system from your phone.

We also highlight that users subscribed to Self Monitoring can view their timeline for an unlimited number of days in the table at the top of the article.



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Then please update the page in question to reflect your response. People are already viewing that page, seeing functionality missing, and assuming that you all have removed functionality. It seems like an easy fix to put the features back but also, why were those items removed in the first place?

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