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Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 10:20 PM

Can't Remove Old Credit Card

​I cannot delete old credit cards!  I updated with a new credit card, but the system keeps saying that the payment has failed.  This is very frustrating.  Please help.​

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8 months ago

Hi @rkcrum ,

Our Support team at 800-548-9508 can take care of updating your account for you - and removing any old info.

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@davey_d​ Why not just give users the ability to delete their own credit card info? You might want to look into GDPR and CCPA laws as you may be in violation for lacking this feature.

Yes, we should be able to delete our own credit card information without wasting both ours and a customer support rep's time on the phone.

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@davey_d​.  Shouldn't have to call for this. It's an inconvenience. Most all apps and services allow you to remove a cc from your payment methods easily in-app. Why would SS even want to have call center reps deal with such minute things that should be handled on the user end in the app? Sheeesh!

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4 months ago

Agreed geoffliu, I just spent 20 minutes on the phone unnecessarily. Very frustrating!

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4 months ago

I also agree with geoffliu

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16 days ago

Thousand of customers likely also agree that we should have the ability to delete our old credit card information without intervention by SimpliSafe.

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