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Sunday, August 14th, 2022 9:34 PM

Will not connect to WiFi

I have a new system other than the video door bell which I have had for a while. When trying to set up the base station it will not connect to WiFi. I have tried all of the suggestions but nothing works.

Thank You

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1 year ago

Hi @gbrow164 ,

It's possible that your Base Station is running an old version of the firmware, which had a compatibility issue with certain WiFi routers. You'll need to update your system to the latest version to resolve.

One problem, though, is that firmware updates are only supported through WiFi. Is it possible for you to bring your Base Station and Keypad to a different WiFi network? Or perhaps you have a WiFi hotspot on your phone? You only need to connect to that secondary network temporarily to download the update. Then you should be able to link to your home network with no problem.

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@davey_d​ So we have to have wifi to update the base station that ... won't connect to wifi? 

I had major issues getting anything to connect. Install took two hours of screwing around with it, trying over and over, with unhelpful error messages. Did you guys do any testing with more than 1 router or router company?

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7 months ago

My camera is not connecting to my Wi-Fi and I updated the base station before hand so now what would be my issue?

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Hi @RehDogg​ 

Is this a first-time set up of your camera, or did it suddenly disconnect from Wi-Fi?

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