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Monday, January 13th, 2020 5:16 AM


"Wifi Disconnected"

All day long today I'm getting messages that say:
  "Wifi Disconnected" and then, usually a few minutes later,
 "WiFi Connection Restored"

I've had my system a month or so, and seen this message before, but today was the worst by far.

Help, please.,  I'm worried about cameras not working when I need them.


EDIT:  Tried to reset base station, which in now slow flashing slowly red......arrrgggghh
EDIT2:  Plugged into a different outlet, and it's not flashing red any more.

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Base Station repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting from WiFi

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4 years ago

Is your internet going in and out, or if you have your pc on a surge protector, did you turn it off for any reason?  Did you have a temporary power surge in the home?  Is your router too far away from the base station?

Not sure if the base station turns red after a wifi outage, I've never noticed it (would seem likely, similar to a power outage/power restored event).  Check your Timeline of Events for any hint of a power outage or surge.  The blinking red may have been an error of some sort (you can check your keypad display for any error messages, likewise, you can check your Timeline of Events, and if you are signed up for alerts, you should have received an SMS or push notification if you use the phone app)

Below are the Base Station light cues for SS3:

No light: Disarmed or not powered
Solid Blue: System armed in Home or Away Mode
Solid Red: Alarm Occurred
Red light fading: Recent Alarm
Red light blinking: Error
Yellow light fading: Downloading Update
Yellow light blinking: Settings Saving from App
White light fading: listening to signals of components.
White light blinking slowly: receiving Keypad input

If you cannot determine from your Timeline of Events, or alert messages on your phone, or errors on the keypad display, call SS for troubleshooting.  Try calling at 9 am (ET) when they open in the morning and press #1 for sales, hopefully someone will answer sooner.

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4 years ago

I don't think my internet is going in and out.  It looks to have a pretty strong signal all the time.  I did turn power on and off to the router, and the three inside cameras are working now.  Front door Doorbell Cam is still not connected.  First time I've noticed this.

I did cause a power outage to base station when I removed the batteries to reset it.  That went away when I moved base to to different plug.  (I'm pretty sure power was fine at second location, but worth checking since red light is gone.

I did not seem to have any power related events, but the every hour or two losing wifi (or Simplisafe thought it lost it), and then a few minutes later, Simplisafe reconnected wifi.  This probably happened 10 times yesterday, while I was away..

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4 years ago

You have the system on 2.4 ghz, on your router, right?  Have you tried a different wifi channel? If your own troubleshooting doesn't resolve this, call SS.  While the good news is that your system will revert to cellular connection if wifi goes down, you still want to know what's going on with all the alerts.

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4 years ago

My router has been set for both 2.4 and 5 ghz with the same wifi name.  Things have been working pretty well until yesterday.

I restarted the wifi, and all three Simplicams are working as of last night.  

Today, Simplisafe doorbell cam was removed and reset.  It is now working also.

Going to rerun channel finder.  Also removed one of the mesh nodes, which did not hinder speed at all.
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