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Monday, October 17th, 2022 12:21 AM

What is up with the "community" (forum?)

This is getting so frustrating.


My family member's system is not working. They do not want to call support, so I thought the best option would be to reboot/reset the Base Station. I have read how to do it so many times I lost count (though I only have had to do it once). So I searched and came up empty. Why is this happening? I, too, have been having issues with my system but cannot use the forum search. Results to simple/recurring problems do not appear; if they do, the answers do not appear. I post a question, and it never gets answered.


What is going on?

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Community Admin


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2 years ago

Hi @shiherlis ,

Our sincerest apologies for the growing pains. We're still in the deep process of ironing out the kinks in the new site. Part of it is our AI-based search, which needs a little bit of tweaking.

We're also still working through that issue from over the weekend, where some threads are not showing older replies. Both of these issues are top priorities with our dev team.

But the instructions you're looking for are on the Help Center here.



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2 years ago

@shiherlis I just did a search and a base station reboot didn't come up.  Davey, that should be a no brainer update asap. As far as the new community layout, looks nice but finding all of the different categories is not that easy. Davey, again, you were kind enough to show a navigation map for the last community, can you do that again for this new, latest version? Thanks!

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