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Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 7:57 PM

Warning or Blocking putting into Home or Away if a sensor is open?

New user here.

When I go to put my system into "Home" or "Away" when it is currently off, and there is an open door sensor (e.g. I left a door open) there is no specific warning.

Example:  I left the back door open, on the keypad there was a message about this, I viewed it and dismissed it by going back.  Later, the door is still open and I go to put the system into Home mode and there is no warning that the door is open nor does it prevent me to going into home mode.  I assume that if the door was closed and then re-opened the alarm would trigger -- but in this case as long as the door stayed open the alarm would not go off?

Is there a way to force the system to not enable if a particular sensor is open?  Or at least for it to display a warning if I try to arm the system when a door is open?


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3 years ago

Hey angelosarto, welcome to SimpliSafe!

Yes, the system will let you arm the alarm even if an Entry Sensor is open. This is intentional, so that you can leave windows or doors open (say, in the summertime when you want to let the breeze in) and still arm the rest of the system.

However, you should also be getting a voice prompt from the Base Station, warning you of that open sensor. But keep in mind that this will only happen if you haven't already cleared the warning message on the Keypad (since the system assumes you already know and don't want to hear about it!).

Right now, there's no option to change this feature.


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Bad intentions on SS. It happened to me. Armed the house “Away”, our Family went away for the weekend. The SS pad didn’t warn me the children’s windows were open. I found out when we got back home. 
In the normal security system, user would not be able to armed system if any of the sensors are open and given a CHOICE to bypass a particular open sensor/s before arming the system to HOME/AWAY.

I’m returning my system since there is solution to a dangerous situation.



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3 years ago

I think I'd rather have 1 entry unprotected than ALL entry points...

You have to understand, if it refused to arm, that is no more notable than letting you know a sensor is open.  And will you always have the time to track down which sensor is open (or just misbehaving)?
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