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Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 8:15 PM

Siren Volume - Door Chime

We recently installed a Gen 3 system. We added a siren with the hopes of replicating the door chime sounds. Since we have a swimming pool and small children, I am very concerned about being notified anytime there is a door opened. I have tried to adjust the chime volume for the siren through the app, but the high setting is not even as loud as the base station. I'm afraid that with any background noise such as a TV, we'd never hear the chimes from those devices. Is there any way to increase the volume? I'm not sure that we need 105db chimes, but it needs to be louder than my text message alert from my phone.



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1 year ago

@mcgettge first, confirm you have the base chime to high, saved, exit and then go back in and confirm. Second, go into siren setting, repeat.

If that still isn't loud enough, you can do more external sirens. Also, some customers over the years have posted they have used walkie talkie pairs in locked positions to relay the chime to an amplifier. Yes, not that refined but they said it gave satisfactory results.

And, my testing: Base in upstairs bedroom in front of the house, siren in downstairs hallway near back of the house and lawn mower running just in front of garage: I could hear both the base and siren but then turned on the TV and it was in the background, not loud enough that it would always get my attention.

To Simplisafe product dev team: this has been a customer ask for years, and not most importantly, the opportunity for SS to sell more stuff.  Develop and sell chime repeaters with a volume controlled amplified speaker.  You could program it in days (if not hours) cost a few dollars to make and sell for....well, I'm not in marketing but I am sure you would sell a lot of them while meeting a critical customer need.


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