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Monday, May 9th, 2022 5:16 PM

Multiple Base Stations

I started purchasing my system components a few months ago in anticipation of finally cancelling ADT...I believe it was during a 50% sale (Black Friday perhaps?). I underestimated the amount and content of components and attempted to buy more but the sale had lapsed. The Rep I spoke to was kind enough to offer to provide the same discount (was within the return period) but also noted that I could simply just buy a new system including base station and get the same deal.

Fast forward to 2 days ago when I tried to activate the 2nd base station and it appears as if the 2nd station can be linked to the same account but not to the same sensors. Say what? How am I supposed to hear notifications ("deck door open") while in the bedroom if the base is in the family room for instance? Am I just missing something or setting this up incorrectly? If the same notifications/alerts can't be communicated to all bases, this seems like a very big system shortfall. My 14 y.o. ADT system has simultaneous notifications via the control panel so surely this had to have been considered. 


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1 year ago

@johnion ,

I'm so sorry for missing your question!

It helps to understand that the Base Station (the tower) is the brain of the system. You could think of it as the system, and all of the components just report to it.

For that reason, each system can have only one Base Station, and each Base Station must have its own Monitoring Service account.

So as far as that second system goes - you can certainly pull the sensors from that system and add it to your first system. But you can't add the Base Station itself. It has to be its own system.

But with regard to notifications. Of course, you could set up Smart Alerts through the SimpliSafe app, so you can get notified wherever you are.

But you could also install the Wireless Siren. Not only can it relay alarm signals, countdowns, and door chimes; but it's also an extra-loud 105dB speaker, so you're sure to hear alarm events from all over your house.

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@davey_d​ the thing is the Wireless Siren doesn't relay voice prompts. 

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@davey_d​ they should make a remote speaker add on to put in the bedroom if you base station is located downstairs. Phones are silent at night.

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1 year ago

I guess I'll call customer service...

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@johnion​ I'm guessing their base stations don't support mesh networking or proximity for sensors.  You can only use a single base station per location...

Add that to Gen4 or future firmware update todo list?

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1 year ago

Thank you both. Since I assume that I'm out of the return period for the extra base station, I'll just keep it on hand as an extra in case the 1st one goes bad. Or I can sell it/give it away if someone I know is interested in SS.

I need to add more components so I'll look into the wireless siren. I wish the SS customer rep told me all of this when I placed my order...would have gotten the siren at a discount.

Thanks again! I'll be back with more questions as I get deeper down this installation rabbit hole :)

10 months ago

Does the siren also work with the doorbell? I have another brand of doorbell with multiple chimes around the house but would like to standardize to SimpliSafe. I need to be able to hear the doorbell though.

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10 months ago

I don't have the doorbell so I'm not sure.

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