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Thursday, February 11th, 2021 11:10 PM

Second Buidling

I have simpli safe and we want to upgrade to the latest version. We have a shop next to the house and want to extend to this building. Is this possible. It is a steel building and I have Wi-Fi in there. I have an ethernet cable I have run into the building since the house wife will not work inside the building. I am also running mesh Wi-Fi solution.




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3 years ago

@extremeshannon the mesh wifi, cable etc won't help as the sensors are directly connected, wirelessly, to the base. Add that its a metal building, it will be very challenging.  There are customers here in the forums that have posted personal hacks to extend the antennas and other things. Of course, this is just one view point and encourage you see wait to see more posts.  That aside, SS3 is worth the upgrade.

You can use a google site search to find the hacks and features of SS3 to compare.  Good luck.
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