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Thursday, September 24th, 2020 6:19 PM

Recommended Wi-Fi Speeds and what if?

What is the recommended Wi-Fi speed for best performance?
What if somebody cuts your cable line coming into the house.  Lose the system and any monitoring.  How do you protect against that?

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4 years ago

Hi all,

To add on to what Captain11 had to say you can click here for information on how much upload speed our cameras require. As you can see, in order to operate your SimpliSafe cameras at Full 1080p resolution, we recommend 2 Mbps per camera of upload speed to have a reliable connection. The All New SimpliSafe system should be able to work with any home Wifi network.

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@simplisafe_admin​  I’m not understanding the “per camera” aspect of the 2 Mbps recommendation.  Is this to be able to support all your cameras uploading at the same time?

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@pjdaly​ yes, that's right. When there's an event, all cameras are active at the same time.



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4 years ago

@aj.karn, the bandwidth question depends if you have video or not. For SS3, WIFI is really only to make download updates easier and will work fine without it.  I have several family members and friends that have 10 mbps  are do more than fine. Suggest you call sales and ask that one.

As far as cutting your cable for internet, TV, phone etc doesn't matter.  The base has a battery backup that will last at least several hours and their is a built in cell card that will send a signal to the monitoring company.
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