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Saturday, May 6th, 2023 10:08 PM

Question about scheduled arming when device is already armed

If I have Simplisafe scheduled to arm in  home mode every evening, and the scheduled time occurs and the system already is in away mode, what happens?  Does it change to home mode?  Does it remain in away mode.

I would like to schedule my system to arm in home mode every evening, but if I'm travelling or late and the system already is armed in away mode, I would like it to remain away.


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1 year ago

Well, I finally was able to test this - and the answer is not good.  My system was armed in away mode.  It became time for the scheduled "Arm to home mode."  My system rearmed itself in home mode, losing the added protection (interior motion detection) that is present in away mode.

SUGGESTION:  Simplisafe, either have an option or make the default that IF the system is armed in away mode, and a scheduled arming event occurs - to either away or to home, the system remains armed in away mode.

While adding scheduled arming is a much needed improvement - thank you - this gap is big enough that I still will not use scheduled arming for arming the system on every evening. 

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1 year ago

I was afraid it would work like this which means that the arming schedule is worthless if it overrides a manual alarm setting. 

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1 year ago

I saw the same thing. Even worse, it switched from away to home while I was driving, triggering a minute of panic while I figured out what had happened.

Come on, Simplisafe, fix this. 

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@ewilen​ This request has been submitted to our dev team. If it goes into development, an update will be provided in this thread. 

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