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Monday, November 21st, 2022 5:34 PM

Problems with cellular backup, both with Verizon and AT&T

I've been testing the cellular backup on my new SS system, so I have it disconnected from Wi-Fi.  I've been having problems with delayed or missing push notifications and sms alerts (sometimes, not always).  I've also had "device connection problem" when trying to arm/disarm the system from the app, again sometimes, not always.  At times, the base station would show "no link to dispatcher" warning message, but the other issues mentioned occurred even when the base station showed no such warning.  This was happening with the original Verizon SIM card, so I called SS and they sent me a replacement cellular module and AT&T SIM.  Now the same things are happening with AT&T.  Base station showed signal strength on both Verizon and AT&T at about -75 db, which should be sufficient.

My question is what do all the different cell statuses (init, connected, disconnected) in the diagnostics menu, mean?  With Wi-Fi removed from the base station, should the cell status always show "connected" when things are working properly?  Sometimes, the cell status shows "disconnected" even though I'm receiving timely push and SMS alerts.  Also, I sometimes see cell status revert to "init."  Why would it keep reverting to "init" status?

What gives?  Is a T-Mobile SIM card available, as that has the strongest signal and fastest speeds at my location?

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2 years ago

Hi @Boring_Joe,


For the Diagnostics menu statuses, the cell module will only ever show Connected if it has sent a signal recently. Disconnected just means it's not linked up right now, but is ready to send. That Init is the thing to worry about, because that's what you'll see when the module isn't connected at all. 


But to answer the question on alternate cell networks; honestly, especially when it comes to 4G coverage, if AT&T and Verizon between them can't cover your location, then T-Mobile wouldn't be able to do much better. That's why they're our two options.


But I wanted to step back a bit. I'm assuming that since you've been working with our Support team on this, you've already been through the basic environmental troubleshooting? Like moving your Base Station to different spots around your home, somewhere more open and elevated, and closer to (but not in front of) a window. A lot of homes have structures like brick/stone walls, or metal roofing, that can do a lot to block cell signals.



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@davey_d​ I had this question too early on with SS3 and "disconnected" was a term that I suggested be changed in the firmware to "Ready to Connect".  End user(customer) review was always required at my company prior to releasing. Amazing what a different set of eyes find after the "propeller heads" (stated very respectfully btw) think they are done with a project.

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@davey_d​ Thank you for answering my questions.  The information you provided is helpful.  I did relocate my base station, and so far, have not noticed the "no link to dispatcher" message.  Verizon in my area lately has been completely unreliable, even with good signal strength.  The network is just too darn congested during the day making data literally unusable.  The new module and AT&T SIM that SS sent me seems to have resolved the congestion issue for the most part.  At times, alerts are still a bit delayed, but it's much better than with Verizon.

Your comment that if Verizon and AT&T don't provide adequate coverage, then T-Mobile won't either, may be true as a generality across the U.S..  However, I know for a fact that in my specific location, T-Mobile provides the fastest, least congested speeds, especially upload, and strongest signal.  The tower is literally less than 1/4 mile away.  It would be great if SS made T-Mobile an option again at some point.  That would allow me, and I'm assuming other SS customers, more/better base station placement options in the home, as well as a better chance of prompt alerts every time in certain situations.

Thanks, again!

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2 years ago

I'm not sure about that as where I live at&t is just awful and Verizon I can only get 2 bars of 4g and t-mobile I get full bars of 5g and t-mobile is better in this whole area then any other company in the myrtle Beach area 

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1 year ago

With the recent big storm I realized my system wouldn’t connect when wifi went down for 3 days

does anyone know if base models (gen 3) can be equipped with an ATT card because that is the only good provider in my area
chat support tells me only Verizon is available not ATT

any input appreciated

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