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Thursday, May 25th, 2023 4:43 PM

Mounting options

I have a handful of motion and glassbreak sensors to mount.  Ideally, I'd love to mount them on the ceiling using an adjustable mount - like the kind offered on Amazon for the indoor camera. I have 12 and 20 foot ceilings that are perfect for this.  So,  a few questions:

- is it okay to mount both or either of these types of sensors on the ceiling, but at an angle (hence the mount)

- does anyone know of a mount or a workaround that will work?

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1 year ago

Hi @as_kupelian, 

Yes, you can mount your Glassbreak and Motion Sensors on your ceiling using an adjustable mount, I would just recommend setting their sensitivity to Medium. Please note that the Glassbreak Sensor needs to be installed facing the window(s) you want to protect.

As for the Motion Sensor, it has a 90 degree field of vision that is designed to see out and down. More specifically, it sees 45 degrees to the left, right, and down. I would keep these viewing angles in mind when installing your Motion Sensors, as it could run the risk of looking like this (pardon @davey_d's rough sketch)

If in doubt, you can always put your system into Test Mode and test potential paths that intruders may take to test your Motion Sensors, and perform the "clap test" by your windows to test your Glassbreak Sensors. 

Regarding potential mounts to use, I would recommend any adjustable mount that has a flat back. That way, you can adhere your sensors to them using their adhesive backings. Taking a quick look on Amazon, I see a few options that could work! 


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