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How To Test Your System


Test Mode is a system state you can manually enter through the Menu on your Keypad. It is a great way to check the connection between the Base Station and the Monitoring Center. In this state, you can also test the connection between your Base Station and its sensors. The Base Station will announce the sensor type to confirm that it has received a signal. 

Entering Test Mode does not affect your Monitoring Status. However, if a Smoke and/or Carbon Monoxide Detector, or Duress Alarm are triggered while your system is in Test Mode, the Monitoring Center will act as if it’s an emergency.

When a system with monitoring enters Test Mode, it prompts a courtesy call from the Monitoring Center and generates “User Initiated Test” on your activity timeline within the SimpliSafe® App. The courtesy call is not considered an emergency and may not have the same response time as an actual alarm event. If you do not answer this call, don’t worry. You’ll get a voicemail but it will not result in a request for dispatch. Our Monitoring Center simply reaches out to the Primary Contact to let them know that the monitoring services received the test signal.

Use the guided flow below to place your system into Test Mode and practice using your sensors