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Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 3:00 AM

Missing voice prompts

Has anyone else experienced missing voice prompts? Our system is configured to provide voice prompts, but on more than one occasion the base station has failed to announce that the alarm was turned off. 

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2 years ago

Hi QuarkENess,

As long as the Base Station is actually receiving the signal, it should be announcing a change in armed state. If for example, the system really was disarmed, and the Base Station didn't announce it, there might be something more concerning going on.

For now, I would just recommend a Base Station reset, just by unscrewing the bottom piece, and taking out one of the batteries. When you put the Base back together, it will reboot. If the issue is just from software not behaving as it should, that might clear it out.

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11 months ago

This is an ongoing problem for me. Its getting very annoying.

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@jaymcgee66​ I saw that you posted in the other thread for a known issue, where voice prompts are being cut off. In that particular issue, you would hear the voice prompt start, but then it would stop in the middle.

Is that what you're experiencing? Or are you not hearing any voice prompts at all? And what about Entry Chimes - do you not hear those either? I'm interested to figure out if you're having a software/firmware issue, or if you're seeing a hardware fault.

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I am having voice problems too. 

Instead of "Alarm off" she will usually say something like "Ala..." occasionally "Alarm o.."

"Arm home" seems to work fully, or does not work at all! I don't know about "Arm away," because... I am away. 

The chimes work ok. 

I've unplugged the base, removed the batteries (and tested them under load - they are fine), inserted the batteries and plugged in the base... No change in voice prompts at all. 

I appreciate your assistance!

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@Jabutler303​ We did have a known issue where the Base Station's voice prompts would get cut off. A fix for this issue was released in the Base Station's 2.14 firmware update. If you haven't already, I would recommend updating your Base Station to fix these voice prompts.

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10 months ago

On going issue still. Any suggestions?

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@dddrexel​ A Base Station reset should help you retrieve its voice prompts. You can reset the Base Station by taking the following steps:

  1. Remove the power plug from the Base Station, which will reveal the security screw.
  2. Unscrew the security screw using a Philips head screwdriver.
  3. Twist the entire bottom panel counter-clockwise, and pull away to open the battery compartment.
  4. Take out one battery. This will fully power down the Base Station.
  5. Wait 3 minutes with the Base Station fully powered down.
  6. Reinsert the battery and reassemble the Base Station.

5 months ago

Entry sensor voice prompts not working sporadically. How to fix it?

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I had this problem too. 

This fixed it for me:

Unplug the base from the wall,

Remove the bottom of the base (twist it, I believe),

Remove the batteries from the base,

Wait about 10 minutes,

Reinstall batteries, put the bottom section on, and plug into wall.

After a few moments, it will reconnect to the internet, and all will be well!

I only had this happen once in 2 years, BTW. 

Good luck!

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