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Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 11:22 PM

KeyPad Panic Button Trips Panic Alarm by itself.

I have the new SS3 system with 2 keypads.  After a while one of the keypads started setting off the panic feature all by itself. The keypad would also not go to sleep. SS sent me a new one to replace it.  

Then my second keypad started to do the same thing.  Triggering a panic alarm without a button being pressed. As well as the keypad not going to sleep. They are sending me a replacement for this one as well.

Is there anyone else having similar issues with their keypads?  

Its very annoying to have your security system give you a heart attack while "crying wolf" at any random moment.  In fact as I was on the phone with dispatch after one instance and it "cried wolf" 3 times when trying to say there is not an emergency.  I have since de-activated the panic feature of the keypad.

1 year ago

I had the similar issue with alarm being triggered for no reason; 3 times yesterday the alarm went ON by itself even that the system was disabled. I called customer support and they disabled the Panic button on my Key Pad. The rep. told me that the issue is the KP Panic button being defective. Because my system is more than 3 year old and I don't have professional monitoring the best he could do is to disable the Panic button and if I want give me a 30% discount on a new KP. I refused to pay for a new KP. I just purchased hardware from them last week for $150 (second camera, second siren, water sensor). I am disappointed by the fact that old subscribers like me (paying SS for +3 years) are not offered free replacement for a known technical defect of their hardware. I might think twice before I buy more monitoring hardware from SS. 

I did not believe in professional monitoring and don't want to pay for a service that probably will not arrive on time. FBI research mentions that average house burglary is 10 min. Don't think Police will arrive on time. Sorry.     

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I'm sorry to hear this! I've forwarded your case to our Support team; a Specialist will reach out to you soon to help.

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