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Saturday, November 28th, 2020 9:11 PM

How to arm when at home while sleeping?

If I've set it to "Home" but it's during the day time, we don't want to have to disarm every time we're opening the front door for example (unloading groceries, spouse leaving for errands, etc.)
However we do might want to have an alarm set if it's 2AM and everybody's sleeping.
Is there a way to configure that?
We have a base station, entry sensors and a motion sensor.

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Just to be clear when I say an additional feature for night I am talking about having a night feature that allows one to have a subset of the away mode sensors enabled at night. For example, we have a back door leading into a room that we normally have off (entry and motion sensors) during home mode that are active during away mode (Otherwise, they would be going off while we are home as we are through that room during the day). The same applies to other sensors. We would like to have a night mode that would enable those sensors as well, but not all sensors as when set to away mode. That way there is a subset of the away mode sensors that are just enabled at night say from 9pm to 5am instead of having to individually set and unset them everyday (9pm and 5am) which is a pain.




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FYI, motion sensors don't trigger by default in home mode. (See this article for more information.) You can walk around all day long in front of a motion sensor (in default setting) when home mode is enabled and it will not trigger. This is the only sensor that behaves this way in home mode.

I know that doesn't help with the entry sensor but it's one less sensor you have to tinker with daily. 

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