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Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 12:48 AM

extender issues

can't get extender to connect to router and the internet.

no one is at customer support--i've been on hold for 30 minutes. twice--first time disconnect. 

what is going on with simplisafe? excellent tech support and cust service seems to have collapsed.

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2 years ago

Hello @larryjmarion ,

Apologies for the terrible experience getting hold of our Support team. We've already reported to our Support leadership.

As for the issue with the Extender - you might have better luck with a resolution by consulting the manufacturer, or (as the Captain mentioned) your internet service provider.

If you got your extender from us, though, we have some info that might be useful here. But you'll still want to head over to the Support page from TP-Link, which you can find here.


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@davey_d​ thanks, davey. 

it turned out that the WPS method of connecting the extender worked great. which brings up a question--is that typical? should i always try WPS first before the regular approach?



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2 years ago

@larryjmarion I just called support (8:56am central) and an agent picked up in seconds. I apologized for tying up their lines and advised I was just checking response times. You may have just called at a peak time, would try again, but, from your post it appears a network issue with your wifi and router, not Simplisafe.  Suggest instead of calling SS for this, contact your ISP and troubleshoot with them to get your connection to the internet back up and running.  Once connected back to the internet, then contact SS.

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@captain11​ , thanks for checking with ss about response times. i've been a customer for almost two years and response times have been good, until now. not clear why.

as for the router/extender, i had bought the extender from SS and that's why i was calling it. SS sells an extender and provides guidance for customizing the signal for its cameras, etc. That's why i was trying to reach SS.

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