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Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 10:20 PM

De-installing old base and components and installing new style base and components.

So I have a new base station and all new components.  The swap is not going to happen in a day.  I've sent email a couple of times to tech support and no response.  If anyone has done this already I have questions.

Can I just one at a time swap out new for old components and sync them to the base and then after they are all swapped install the new base and sync?

Or should I start by replacing the old base and one by one install and sync the new components?

Or do I just turn the entire system off and then turn on the new system after all the components are swapped?

Any insight is helpful.



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4 years ago

@maggie.morris first, call support, and listen to the prompts to select "installing a system for the first time".  They will walk you through the process. My experience and suggestion: doing one sensor at a time is like slowly pulling off a band aid. Do it all, or most at once, and you will be better off.

I would go with  replacing the old base and start adding the sensors. It is very quick with the new system.

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4 years ago

I would love to have the time to invest in replacing 38 sensors.  Since Simplisafe tech won't respond I'm left guessing.  I was thinking to start with the base.  Anything old that doesn't sync will be the first to be replaced.

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4 years ago

EVERYTHING old (except the cameras) won't sync with the new base.

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4 years ago

I will be going thru the same in a few days with my 30 old sensors ..lol

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4 years ago

From what I can remember (upgrading from SS2 to SS3) - you disable/unplug your old base station (which disables the rest of your system/sensors etc) - then, plug in the new base station and start adding your keypad(s) and sensors - you can add most everything using the keypad, and the naming of sensors is pre-populated in the keypad settings - I think you can change the names via keypad, but it's a ton easier to use what's already pre-populated and change them if you wish, when you're all done with setup, via your online control panel (your dashboard).

During one of the last steps of install, you'll be asked to "activate" the new base station online (your instruction booklet should state that), this process automatically activates your new base station and the sensors' input you already did during setup, and once you've done that, it will start connecting to cellular (and will at some point, prompt you to enable your wifi SSID/password)  - connection can take up to 30 minutes, then you should be good to go with connection and testing your system.

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4 years ago

Hi all,

While we strongly recommend doing the installation in one sitting for those of our customers who are upgrading from the Original SimpliSafe to the All-New SimpliSafe, it can be done over the course of time. It's important to keep in mind that any sensors not set up on the system which is being actively monitored will not result in police dispatch if triggered. That being said, if one would like to take their time to set up their All-New SimpliSafe system, we recommend doing so in this order:

  1. Completely set up the All-New SimpliSafe system (No sensors, other than the cameras, are cross-compatible between generations of SimpliSafe systems).
  2. Switch the monitoring from the Original SimpliSafe to the All-New SimpliSafe through your online account.
  3. Uninstall the Original SimpliSafe system.

Doing so in this order allows for continuous coverage of your home with your Original SimpliSafe system throughout the entire installation period of the All-New SimpliSafe system.

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SimpliSafe Home Security
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