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Friday, October 21st, 2022 4:48 PM

Changing WiFi and stuck at Searching Wifi Networks (taking longer than usual)

I swapped out my old router for a new one and changed my SSID.  I'm having trouble resetting my SimpliSafe wife network.  I'm close to my base station, which is right next to our new wireless router.  I cannot get any results from choosing Settings => General Settings => WiFi Network.  It just stays on the Base Station Wifi - Searching for Wifi networks.  The screen just stays there and nothing progresses.  I restarted the base station by taking one of the 4 1.2v rechargeable batteries out of the bottom.  It just does the same thing, searching on my iPhone app and returns no results.  I ordered my SimpliSafe system about 2 years ago and I have the keypad.

I'm not sure what to do next to get this wifi issue solved. 


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2 years ago

Well, luckily I have the keypad.  I was able to enter a new network password on the keypad to setup my new wifi network on my simpliSafe system.  Also, I checked and I do have the latest IOS SimpliSafe app installed on my iphone.  Still, it cannot find networks on the Searching For Wifi Page.

What do you know, after I updated my keypad with the new WiFi, the new WiFi network now appears on my IOS SimpliSafe App under the Settings => General Settings => WiFi Network. my Wifi network on the Searching for WiFi page.  This is a little misleading but I'm good to go now.

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2 years ago

My first thought, or question, is whether iOS has per app settings that prevent an app from scanning/discovering local networks or not. I know there's a setting for "find and connect to devices on your local network" but I'm not sure if this affects SSID discovery or not. My second thought is whether this is a bluetooth issue since the app also uses BT for some configuration stuff. (Confirmed in this post.)

I'm guessing that the reason it showed up once you added it via the keypad is that there's some communication between the app and the base station where the base station provides that info and not that the app was suddenly and coincidentally able to see the SSID itself.

@davey_d please drop some knowledge on us and tell me if my theories are right, sort of right, or so far off base they're out of the solar system. You won't hurt my feelings. :)

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2 years ago

Worthing, I honestly don't know the answer to that. But what I will say in response to OP is a question: Are you currently subscribed to a Monitoring Plan?

It helps to know that the system does have the ability to link to the app locally via bluetooth, but that's only during setup (the Base Station would have to be in that initial setup mode). Once the system is already set up, the app uses either the WiFi or built-in cellular to access and configure the settings in the Base Station.

If you don't have Monitoring service, then you won't have the cellular connection. And once you take down the old WiFi connection (or if the system is in a new location away from it, etc.), then that connection won't be available either.

Which leaves just the Keypad as the only option for updating the WiFi connection for the system, and get it re-connected.


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2 years ago

My assertion was based on https://support.simplisafe.com/conversations/what-should-i-get/mexico/6190c6858ea41ebb06243831 in which you noted:

"That being said, we don't block our servers from allowing devices to operate outside of our two markets, after the devices have already been set up. So for example, so long as you set up service in the US, the camera should still be able to work in Mexico."

I extrapolated that to the rest of the system which may be flawed logic. As noted above, the only way to know for sure is to test. Maybe set up a VPN on your router, choose an end point in another country and try that?

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