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Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 9:03 PM


Don't waste your time with this company ......I've been with them for eight years and in the last week I've had two new base stations and my iPhone or iPad will not work .......The system is worthless to me if I can't operate remotely....... I've talk to 20 different people and 20 different people have told me they don't know what's wrong and can't tell me how to fix it ........they refused to have a supervisor call me and I fear there is no hope other than leaving SimpliSafe and going to ADT

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4 years ago

Yeah, because ADT is SO much more reliable.  And they have you in a 3 year auto-renew contract which is almost impossible to get out of when you realize they are not providing the service you want and charging you way too much for it.

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4 years ago

I was with ADT for six years and if I would say anything about them, they are reliable.  My system was down exactly one time in that six years.  I had a total of three sensor glitches where I walked in and the alarm did not sound, even with the sensor contact broken.

These are my reasons why I left ADT.

1. ADT is expensive.  Seriously expensive.  I had a base level system with no automation, no ability to arm or disarm the system through an app.  It had five entry sensors, one glass break sensor, and three motion sensors.  I was told that would cover my entire home, but there's absolutely no way that it ever would.  I was never confident.  For that, I was paying $56.83 per month.  When I signed the contract, it was $42.99 per month.  ADT slowly increases the monthly amount.  Their last increase was six months before I cancelled and it was one of the main reasons why I looked at changing to a different security provider.  C.O.P.S is excellent.  It provides the same or better service at less than half the price that I was paying.
2. ADT's systems are locked down.  If you ever want to add sensors, you have to buy them from ADT and have them come out to add it to the system.  You have no control over it at all.  Since getting SS, I have doubled the amount of sensors that I have installed and it was easy to add them, move them around, and change the settings on them.
3. My experience with ADT's installers was beyond poor.  I had to have several visits to get things to work right.  The first installer was wearing a Comcast shirt, instead of ADT.  I asked him if he worked for Comcast and he said that he did and the ADT job was a second job.  He put my siren in a closet in the basement.  It could barely be heard on the first floor and couldn't be heard at all on the second floor.  The second installer that came out was stoned out of his mind and shouldn't have been driving.  The third installer told me that the second installer did a terrible job and he had to redo everything.  The fourth installer was cool and he gave me a couple of sensors for half price.
4. ADT sales is shifty.  I ended up getting my system from some third party that told me that they'd be there if I ever had any questions.  I had complaints about how the system was installed and they quickly lost my number and never called back.  They went out of business not too long after and given their customer support, it's no wonder.
5. ADT makes you sign a big contract.  You're locked in.  So if you get ADT and don't feel like paying a large ETF, get ready to stay for a while.  I was lucky in that the contract that I signed rolled into renewal one month at a time.  Many seem to have had contracts that roll into another 3 year term.  Even so, it was difficult to cancel.  They conveniently lost my first attempt at cancellation.  My second attempt seems to have stuck.  It becomes effective on 4/18, and they refunded me the amount that they overcharged me.

Those are the top five reasons.  I'm sure that there are others that I haven't thought of.  Honestly, they do provide a decent level of service, but so does C.O.P.S, at a much better price point.
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