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Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 2:43 PM


Base turned green

I have an upgraded system and the base just recently turned green.  I tried to turn off in the manual setting, but nothing happened.  Can you trouble shoot please.

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Base Station green light with no Video Doorbell

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2 years ago

@cjd_96709 Officially, there is no green light for the base. In the past, SS online has replied that room lighting conditions could make it appear like green. Suggest you call Support and troubleshoot.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

And, now on to SS: Another example where video chat in the phone app would work wonders for both your support agent and your customer. Should be a priority to implement. Thanks!

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The Base Station does not have a green indicator. But there is a blue and a yellow.


The blue indicator means that the system is armed. This is the indicator that you can disable on the SimpliSafe app, under Menu > My System > General Settings > Base Station Light.


The yellow indicator means that a firmware update is in the process of downloading or installing. You can check the Keypad for the [!] icon to begin the firmware update process.


If you are seeing neither of these indicators, it might help if you took a picture of your Base Station, so we can see what you're seeing.


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2 years ago

I have a green light on the base station of a system purchased earlier this year. Appeared today. Nothing on keypad or App.

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@Christian​ well that's strange, never seen a green light

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My base pulses green when my indoor camera detects motion. I have all sounds turned off, but what you’re hearing could be an audible alert or notification that your camera is detecting motion

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