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Friday, June 17th, 2022 4:18 PM

Base station frequently disconnects/.reconnects with xFi wifi

I have an xFi (xfinity) cable modem/router. This is my second base station. (I was sent a new one because the first one had these same problems.) During set up it connects OK to wifi 2.4 Ghz band. (xFi uses the same wifi broadcast name for combined 2.4 and 5 band but it is connecting to 2.4). My simplisafe security app timeline shows that shortly after set up the base station starts to disconnect and reconnect randomly and repeatedly, many times in the span of a few hours. Sometimes the interval is 1 minute, sometimes 1 hour. Eventually it fails to reconnect at all and to get it to work again I have to remove the device from xFI and set it up again.

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1 year ago

Hi @georhill ,

From the symptoms you describe, it sounds like the issue might be on the router side; perhaps a feature or setting is preventing the Base Station from staying connected.

It might help to set up a Guest WiFi network locked to 2.4GHz only, which only your Base Station would connect to.



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1 year ago

@georhill For full disclosure, I hate, despise two companies. ADT is one of them and, yes, Comcast is the other. Why? Because when I was a customer they treated me, and others I know, like dirt, were expensive, lied etc etc.  If you want details, feel free to direct message me through the SS community, but to give you an example, I have stayed with ATT UVerse with 80 mg down, 20 mg up and I don't share it with anyone unlike Comcast that offers 1 gigabyte. I will never, ever, do business again with either company.  If you have an option, you may want to look for another provider for your internet service.

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9 months ago

Any resolution? I have same issue.

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@Dalink​ While searching via google I stumbled on a post which suggested "port forwarding" as a possible solution to the base station connection problems. In the xFi app, under Connections => Advanced => port forwarding I "port forwarded" port 8890 for TCP/UDP. Also, somewhere during the frustrating waste of my time trying to solve the problem, I assigned a "reserved IP address" to the base station. Anyway, some combination these things apparently fixed the problem since I do not have intermittent connection problems now. HTH

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@georhill​ that's great to hear. Sounds like the issue for you was that your WiFi router was blocking the Base Station from reconnecting.

Port Forwarding opens up a channel for SimpliSafe communications to get through.

Reserving a static IP address is a little bit similar, locking down an address for the Base Station that doesn't get reassigned whenever the router needs to reboot.

Both of these are somewhat advanced procedures, and we would suggest contacting your service provider or WiFi router manufacturer for info on how to set up.



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8 months ago

I was going to say wifi issue because 90% of the time it's always that and we have spectrum and they are not the best either and we kept getting disconnect and reconnecting and finally spectrum came by and switched to a newer router and fixed all issues, well for now as I know they are going to have more problems 

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