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Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 7:13 PM

What Are the Two Red Lights on the Outdoor Camera

Ok, I wanted to start a new thread on this issue because it's not exactly the same as the 3 minute issue. The Web form requires a "topic" and no matter what I enter when I hit enter it blanks out and says "hold on" this field is required. So, that needs to be fixed or clarified.

Now to what I had been trying to post:

For the first time ever I've noticed two tiny red LED lights lit on the front of my outdoor camera. I can't find anywhere to tell me what these two lights are. Where can I find that information? How do I turn them off? In the app the "status light" is set to off and has been since first installing sometime last year.

Is this somehow related to the issue where the camera is no longer obeying settings such as motion sensing people versus everything and also recording/notifying when there is no real activity?

Thanks in advance.

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5 months ago

@rhallman I was able to break off your comment into its own post. When making a post in the Community, there needs to be two categories to be able to put in a topic. The first category will automatically be filled to say "Community", and the other category can be selected by clicking the dropdown arrow. Did you have two categories selected when making your post? If not that could have been the problem.

Regarding your Outdoor Camera, Dlpsr is correct. Those two small red lights you see are the infrared emitters for the camera's night vision. There's no way to turn them off without turning off the camera's night vision setting. These infrared emitters are not the cause of this known issue, but a fix for that issue will be rolling out soon in a new firmware update.


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@emily_s​  thank you, referencing the issue making a separate post, clicking the arrow at the drop down box gave no choices at all. I was using the most current version of edge at the time and didn’t try any other browsers.

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@rhallman​ Thank you for this info! We'll see if we can replicate this on Microsoft Edge.

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