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Monday, September 11th, 2023 11:57 AM

Outdoor Camera Light Issue


I have my outdoor camera plugged in, set to people only, low sensitivity, and the spot light on. At night the light will go on and off constantly every few seconds even with nothing moving in view. Do I need to do a reset? This camera is brand new, and before I plugged it in, it would only last about 24 hours per charge.

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9 months ago

Hi @bert042 ,

We've had a few cases on the Community in the past couple of months with similar symptoms. From what we could tell with working with those customers, it sounds like the issue may just be that the camera is picking up something that it thinks is shaped like a person, but isn't. These would be tall objects like trash cans, basketball hoops, or flag poles - especially if they are able to move around. Are any of those types of objects visible to your camera?

I would also check what firmware version your camera is currently on. There was an issue that we spotted in an older version of the firmware that generated unnecessary recordings at night, but that should have been resolved on more recent versions.

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