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Saturday, March 4th, 2023 12:16 AM

Replacing another video doorbell with SimpliSafe

Hello, we bought a house that has a SimpliSafe system installed (keypads, door & window sensors, motion sensors, no cameras) and another brand of doorbell camera. We are planning on signing up for the SimpliSafe monitoring service as well as for the doorbell's service. But I started thinking, if the SS doorbell can record and that is included in their monthly monitoring service, shouldn't I replace the doorbell with the SS one?

And part B: if I do replace it with the SS doorbell, I did not see anything in the SS doorbell instructions online that mentions the need for a power pack thingy in the house's chime box. If there is one installed now (and I think there is based on the other doorbell's instructions), do I need to remove it?



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1 year ago

@tom_ff426b first. welcome to the community. I am a customer of 10+ years and really like the product, services and company. Sure, there are issues but the company continues to follow its roots. First, want to make sure you have a SS3 system and not SS2. Unsure, call Support and identify which you have. If SS2, stop there and ask SS for an upgrade deal. Once that is behind you, you can move onto the doorbell.  The doorbell will work only with transformer, non digital systems. Again, if in doubt, before you buy one call support and walk through it. BTW, on the $27 interactive monitoring plan, you can have up to 10 cameras included. I agree with your thinking to go SS equipment all the way. Remember too, all of their componets are sold Best Buy too, and the pricing sometimes is significantly lower. Hope this helps. Good luck and again, welcome!

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@captain11​ Thanks for the quick reply! Based on pics I see online I definitely have the SS3 system. I will check the chime tomorrow but am almost certain it is a transformer system not digital. If that is the case do you know the answer to the second part of my question? Does the SS doorbell need the power pack thing for the chime?

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Hello @tom_ff426b,

Regarding your second question, I wouldn't remove the transformer to your current wired doorbell. The transformer makes sure that your doorbell is powered at the proper voltage; without it, it could cause damage to the Video Doorbell Pro.

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