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Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 12:41 AM

video doorbell too many notifications

I get 10+ notifications every night.  There is NO activity.  Sensitivity is set to low and people only is on.  Support can't help.  My Wyze outdoor camera works perfectly - only notifies on real motion.  

The doorbell camera monitoring is unuseable due to the constant false alarms.

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1 year ago

Hi @also22 ,

Our cameras use infrared to trigger motion - that is, they're looking for sources of heat that are moving around in front of the unit. Where is the camera located and what is it able to see? It might be catching some source of heat that you're not normally aware of.

But just in case it's some sort of firmware issue, I would suggest a reset:

  1. Unmount the Video Doorbell.
  2. Look in the back for the Reset button.
  3. Hold that button for 16 seconds. When you release, the unit will reboot. In the meantime you can re-mount it.
  4. Once the Doorbell has rebooted, it will enter Setup Mode. You can set it up again like a new camera in the SimpliSafe app.

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1 year ago

What Davey d said try rebooting it as it always seems to work for me

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1 month ago

Reset, setting to low, people only, and zones blocked.  

Still getting notifications for every vehicle that drives by on road 40 ft away from doorbell.

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