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Monday, July 27th, 2020 9:35 PM

Microphone on doorbell stopped working

When I used to use the doorbell mic from my iphone the mic button on the camera view would have a glowing blue dot when I pressed it to talk.

Now the little microphone icon just flickers to a dull grey for a spilt second and no connection to talk.

Happens on both doorbells I have installed so its not a hardware issue. I can hear sounds fine from the phone and simplisafe microphone is enabled in my the phones app.

It started working again today for some reason. And now an hour later its NOT working again. Any idea what the hell is going on?

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4 years ago


From what you've mentioned, it definitely sounds like a connection issue. Do you have both of your doorbells installed at the same location?

Reducing the quality of the stream from 720p to 480p temporarily might help, at least wile you're testing.

But for indepth troubleshooting, give us a call at 888-910-1458 and we'll take care of you.

Johnny M.
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4 years ago

The difference in image quality between 720p and 480p is minimal on mobile devices.  And even on my 27 inch PC monitor, the video is more than adequate at 480p.  I've left my DB set to 480p in order to make the overall interaction with the doorbell just a bit faster and 'crisper'.

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4 years ago

This is SO strange. Sometimes it works perfect with the blue circle on the button and other times it doesn't work. Both doorbells are close to the base station and connection is perfect. I have them set to 1080 so I can have a clear picture of criminals. I am experimenting with 780 to see if it works better, but I have 500 mbps internet so nothing is running slow.

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4 years ago

I think I figured it out.

When I use the app on a recent model iphone, when I'm done, I either press the side button and the phone turns off, or I just let it stay on and the phone turns off on its own. When I open the phone again with faceID it goes to the simplisafe app and it flashes the logo like it is restarting. But I guess it's not really a full restart of the app. I need to close out and restart the app and then the mic always works. Funny how it is only the microphone that doesn't work when it is reopened, (everything else works fine and is controllable) but that seems to be the problem and why it sometimes worked and other times didn't. It depended on whether I was opening the app fresh or not. Not really a big deal to do at all, it just took a while to figure it out.
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