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Saturday, November 27th, 2021 9:00 PM

Looking at the outdoor camera and Solar Charging panel

Been reading through all the posts about the outdoor camera.
Have not read anything about the solar panel option , good or bad? Also the length of the cord on the Solar Panel and AC plug in.
Also seems to have been a lot of glitches , slow coming on, battery life, Wi-Fi connections Have these issues been addressed ?

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3 years ago

Doesn't matter how awesome a solar panel is if the camera it's powering is mediocre. :) Consider that before making a purchase.

Someone will probably reply here shortly to tell you that their camera works perfectly always no matter what but there are an increasing number of us here and at http://reddit.com/r/simplisafe who have found the cameras underwhelming or just bad. Or who ordered multiple cameras and found one is just fine but the other is broken.

If it were me I'd wait for SS to sort out the issues with the camera or make it clear they can't/won't sort out those issues before making a decision. I say this as someone who owns one of these cameras definitely falls in the "underwhelmed camp".

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3 years ago

SS Solar Panel vs. ?

I have two of the outdoor cameras and have been mostly satisfied. I compare them to my Eufy system at another property. I would like it if the cameras could wake up faster in response to motion detection. Perhaps they could stay connected to wifi if there is an external power source like a solar panel? The convenience of not having to take them down to charge them is appealing, so I'm also considering getting one or two of the solar panels. My question is whether there is anything special about the SimpliSafe solar panels, or will other manufacturers' panels work just as well?

Also looking forward to a battery powered video doorbell.

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3 years ago

I did search the forum and it does seem like there needs to be some improvement in the hardware.
SimplySafe,  as you monitor these forums any comments on the subject?
I'll be waiting for improvements
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